I am 73. Which is good. Because now I can take advantage of all the privileges that come with being an elder.

In ancient societies, elders ruled the world. Their advice was sought after, they were honored for their maturity, and elders could do pretty much as they pleased. As it happens, ancient wisdom and modern science share a similar view of aging. Forward-thinking gerontologists are now advising us to embrace our later years in the same way that enduring societies have been telling us to do for centuries.

I’ve wrapped together time-honored wisdom and leading-edge science into a new philosophy to help the millions of people over 50 who want to feel better about aging. It’s all in my new book:

Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old.
How to immerse yourself in, be curious about, and celebrate life’s most important stage.

I’ve researched aging for over 10 years and taught classes on growing old through the University of Denver. One thing I know for sure: Our society has drifted far afield from what ancient philosophers and now modern science believe is the way to age. Turns out, we’re not supposed to stay young forever. We’re actually supposed to grow old---gloriously and happily.

I’m on a mission to see that everyone’s later years are filled with profound fulfillment and fun.

By the way, I’ve been an advertising copywriter, a television broadcaster (in three major markets), the owner of a video production company and a lecturer at two top-tier university graduate schools of business. But nothing has been more rewarding than writing the book I hope will turn today’s misguided view of aging on its head.

My book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at outskirtspress.com.