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It’s Off to Work We Go

Americans work harder and vacation less than almost anybody else in the world.

Sure, we have a nice GDP.  But we’re not the happiest country.  That would be Finland, for the 4th year in a row, according to the World Hap... Read More

Coronavirus and Being Human

We live in a beautiful ecosystem and a dangerous one.

We don’t often think of the earth as a dangerous place.  The sun shines, rain comes down.  Birds fly through the air.  But our planet is alive with all ki... Read More

Day One

This may be the end of the year, but for those who celebrate Christmas, December is a beginning.

The season is called Advent, and I remember having an Advent calendar when I was in grade school.  Many of the kids who went to the Episcopal church I did had these magical, midnight... Read More

What Should an Older Woman Wear? Whatever Makes Her Happy.

I’m not sure how I feel about those magazine features that tell you what to wear at 50, 60 or 70+.

I always find myself going a few pages back to see what they say 20, 30 or 40-year-olds should wear because I think the stuff they show for older women is boring.

When I... Read More

Love, Death and Being Cranky

A few months ago when I turned 71, I found my patience waning.

A few months ago when I turned 71, I found my patience waning. 

First, my cat died.  Ten days later my dear mother-in-law, Dorothy, passed away.&nb... Read More

Five Things I’d Do If I Were Single

Being single is not all it's cracked up to be.

I remember those years.  Yet, there is freedom to indulge your imagination and do things you wouldn’t  dream of doing if you were married.

In... Read More

Seventy Year-Old Orphans

I sat by my mother-in-law’s bed.

She was breathing like they do on those Peloton commercials.  A deep, exerciser’s breath.  But she wasn’t exercising, she was dying.

She would’ve laughed if I ha... Read More

Is Aging More Fun Across the Pond?


I was in the UK recently, and I noticed that older people seemed a lot more relaxed about their age than we are here in the U.S.  Oh sure, Harrod’s in London has its share ... Read More

Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Dear WWED,

I don’t know how I feel about your grow old be happy philosophy. I’ve been fighting aging ever since I turned 50 (12 years ago). I don&... Read More

Maturity and the Blended Family

I just got back from a family wedding in Napa Valley.

The usual wine pairings at dinner with locally-sourced food, and everyone done up in smashing clothes. But the best part of the weekend was re-connecting with my blended family.

... Read More

A New Look. A Sharper Focus. A Happier Life

Grow Old Be Happy has a new look that I hope will be easier for you to navigate, and easier for me to update.

The new GOBH will still have the same philosophy as the old GOBH.  Because, as we know, there is nothing wrong with anything that is “old”.

... Read More

Last of the 4-part series on making the big move.

Be sure to check out the 4-part series, "Growing Older: Your Guide to Downsizing and Making the Big Move".

Just posted the last installment.  If you're considering making a change in your lifestyle and downsizing to a smaller place once you retire, this series is for you.... Read More

Why You Should Tell People Your Age.

We're never going to change society's view of aging if we don't admit to ourselves and to others that we are, in fact, growing older.

What is it about revealing our age that makes so many of us so uncomfortable?  Do we think people will somehow think less of us becaus... Read More


Lots of interest in spirituality as we age.

An overflowing classroom for our most recent offering through the University of... Read More

Coming to Terms With Health Issues As You Grow Older.

Yesterday I woke up with a mild case of positional vertigo.

It appears that in your inner ear, in the semi-circular canals (you may remember them from high school biology), there are little sand-like particles that can get shaken up if your head is mo... Read More

Foods That Prevent Cancer (and those that may promote it): What To Eat Now That You're Growing Older.

Newly released data from a ground-breaking study by the National Institutes of Health show that a diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, olive oil and fish (and less red meat, processed meat and butter) help people live longer with fewer cases of heart disease and cancer.

It's the cancer findings that are particularly interesting because we're always hearing conflicting reports about what and what... Read More

The "elder" just might have won Obama the election.

What is the role of an elder in our society? If you take a look at the part Bill Clinton played in Tuesday's election, you might get a pretty good idea.

Whether you agree with Clinton's politics or not, he undoubtedly helped the president win a number of votes by doing several things &am... Read More